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  • to help Burbank’s seniors and veterans stay in their homes.

  • to protect 23k households & mom-and-pop property owners.

  • for Burbank’s first-ever citywide rent control. 

Measure RC:

  • Allows rents to be raised once annually by the rate of inflation (typically 2 to 4%)

  • Allows rent increases for capital improvements; 

  • Limits evictions to specific situations (breach of lease, illegal activity, etc.), preventing evictions just to raise rents;

  • Protects families too frightened to report unsafe conditions for fear of retaliatory eviction;

  • Exempts from rent regulation units built after February 1, 1995, and all single-family homes, condos, units operated by nonprofits, and all new housing (does not discourage growth);

  • Rolls rents back to September 2019 levels;

  • Creates a municipal body, funded by unit fees, to administer and enforce the law, providing flexibility, accountability, and transparency.

Measure RC makes housing costs predictable and stable, freeing seniors, veterans, and others on fixed incomes from constant fear of losing their homes. Rents have skyrocketed 40%+ since 2013, and wages have not kept pace, putting profound stress on our community.

November 3, 2020 will be the very first time in Burbank’s history that rent regulation will appear on the citywide ballot. Burbank’s population is 60% renters. In a time of pandemic, when being priced out is having the most extreme effects we’ve seen, it’s time we take care of the most vulnerable in our communities by stabilizing rent and strengthening tenant protections.

 But doesn’t California already have rent control? 

In 2019, AB 1482 was passed to prevent rent gouging. It wasn’t designed to stabilize rents.

5 ways Measure RC differs from AB 1482:

AB 1482 (California)

“California Tenant Protection Act of 2019”

  • Caps rent increases at 5% + inflation

  • No-fault eviction relocation fee is 1 month’s rent

  • Tenants must self-enforce their rights in court

  • Rent cap cannot be adjusted

  • At-fault evictions allowed, for reasons including illegal activity and breach of lease (same as always)

  • Expires in 2030

Measure RC (Burbank)

“2020 Burbank Just Cause Eviction and Rent Regulation Measure”

  • Caps rent increases at inflation ONLY

  • No-fault eviction relocation fees based on Los Angeles and other rent-stabilized CA cities

  • At-fault evictions allowed, for reasons including illegal activity and breach of lease (same as always)

  • Tenants and landlords can get issues resolved by the Landlord-Tenant Commission, for no added fee

  • Landlord-Tenant Commission can grant individual rent adjustments if specific criteria are met

  • No expiration date

Burbank tenants deserve to live in a stable and healthy community, free from the fear of eviction motivated by a rental property owner’s desire to dramatically increase rents in a hot housing market.

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