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Our Mission

The Burbank Tenants Union is an inclusive, anti-hate organization that serves to resist corporate consolidation of housing and empower Burbank’s renting class by means of:

  • Promoting positive neighborly interactions to foster a cooperative community

  • Educating renters of their rights and responsibilities

  • Actively advocating for renters against evictions, harassment, and unfair treatment by landlords

  • Consolidating diverse grassroots renter power to fight for pro-renter laws and policies including housing as a human right, rent affordability, and rent control

As a diverse organization, BTU is inclusive to all members and therefore does not tolerate racism, homophobia, xenophobia, ableism, ageism, or any other form of harassment or oppression.

Burbank tenants deserve to live in a stable and healthy community, free from the fear of eviction motivated by a rental property owner’s desire to dramatically increase rents in a hot housing market.

The challenge

Burbank has a shortage of decent, safe, affordable, and sanitary housing, resulting in an increasingly overpriced city that is pushing out valuable, long-term residents. As a result, freedom of contract and tenants’ ability to bargain in the setting of rents have become illusory.

There is power in a union!

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