Our Mission

Burbank Tenants’ Rights Committee was formed in 2018 to cultivate neighborhood and community stability, healthy housing, and affordability for renters in the City of Burbank by promoting the regulation of excessive rent increases to the maximum extent permitted under California law, while ensuring Landlords a fair return on their investment and guaranteeing fair protections for renters, homeowners, and businesses.​

Burbank tenants deserve to live in a stable and healthy community, free from the fear of eviction motivated by a rental property owner’s desire to dramatically increase rents in a hot housing market.

The challenge

Burbank has a shortage of decent, safe, affordable, and sanitary housing, resulting in an increasingly overpriced city that is pushing out valuable, long-term residents. As a result, freedom of contract and tenants’ ability to bargain in the setting of rents have become illusory.

Together, we can change it.