Burbank Tenants’ Rights Committee

BTRC exists to promote a Burbank city measure to stabilize rents and protect tenants from no-fault evictions.

Email: burbanktenants@gmail.com

Phone: 323-250-6890

A 501c(4) social welfare organization

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Support Rent Control in Burbank

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Putting an ordinance on the ballot as a citizen-led initiative takes a strong base of volunteers. Burbank has 68,000 registered voters, and we'll need to collect signatures from at least 10% of them. We'll canvass door-to-door and at fixed locations to collect enough to make this something we can vote on next November.

Let’s make a change, together.

Here's how you can get involved:


We need volunteer canvassers to collect qualified signatures. 

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Your donation helps us pay for printing, supplies, and other essential needs.

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To donate offline, write to burbanktenants@gmail.com

or call 323-250-6890.

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