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BTU Rally on August 8th!

There is a Council study session on AB1482 (current state tenant protections) on August 8th at 6:00pm. BTU will be hosting a march from George Izay Park to City Hall starting at 4 pm, with a rally before the meeting. 


When the meeting starts, we will ask Burbank tenants to speak and ask questions during public comment. Some potential talking points:


  • If a tenant receives a no-fault eviction notice for a renovation, we think it’s fair to have the right to return to our home when the work is done or receive relocation fees to help them find a new place to live. Can City Council pass an ordinance that requires a landlord to pay 3x fair market relocation fees for no-fault evictions?

  • Every year, my rent is increased the max % allowed by AB1482. These increases are unsustainable for me and my neighbors. Can the city enact a low rent cap that will allow for fair, manageable rent increases?

  • Tenants often face harassment from landlords, like being pressured to accept predatory cash for keys offers, refusing to acknowledge receipt of rent payments, or abusing the right to access. What are strong anti-harassment policies that Burbank can pass and enforce to keep tenants feeling safe in their homes?

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